Advanced Structural Analysis Section is comprised of three separate training classes

A301  Dynamics for Structural Engineers

A101  Statics for Structural Engineers

A501  Seismic Analysis in S-FRAME

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dynamic analysis for a structural model

Dynamics for Structural Engineers is designed to deliver an in-depth introduction to dynamics with an emphasis on vibrations and the dynamic analysis of structures. Topics covered include free and forced vibrations, damping, resonance, response spectrum analysis, time history analysis, ground-motion response, vibration isolation, and many other topics relevant to structural engineers. Discussions on finite element modeling techniques, expected accuracy, and pitfalls are the focus of many of the practical examples we demonstrate using S-FRAME Analysis.

Successful completion of this class will provide a strong foundation in structural dynamics including how to run and interpret different dynamic analysis on structural models of varying complexities and applications.

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structural model and seismic analysis  results

Learn how to perform seismic analysis and design using S-FRAME. Using theory and numerous examples, this course presents an in-depth explanation of how to perform seismic investigations on your structures. Discussions on the merits of different analysis methods, their relationship to seismic design codes and their expected accuracy or pitfalls are the focus of the many practical examples demonstrated in this course. Topics include earthquake engineering, response spectrum analysis, equivalent static force procedures, rigid and semi-rigid diaphragms, time history analysis, material plasticity and damping, performance-based design, pushover and quasi-static analysis and more.

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